2019 Summer Intensive

July 7th – July 20th


Festival Dance Welcomes


DaeSun Cupid will be joining our faculty during week 2 of our camp. DaeSun is a dance teacher, choreographer, performer, and creative director. He was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia where he attended Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School for 7 years. Due to his outstanding achievements and hard work in both the field of dance and stage production, he was able to choreograph and assist with putting numerous dance pieces in front of thousands of patrons. After engaging with local dance for several years such as Pulse Dance Center, Sharon Skepple Mayfield Dance Academy, and the Columbia County Ballet, he decided it was time for a new environment. He is now currently residing in Atlanta where he teaches numerous styles at various dance studios in the area acting as a leader in the local community. His credits include names such as Tiffany Evans, Brax, and Estelita Quintero La Diosa.

July 7th – July 20th, 2019

This year we have started a new program - Division I

Our newest program is open for Pre-Pointe and Beginner Pointe

11 years old and up

Join us for our 19th year at The University of Georgia



Our in-depth training is designed to provide each student with a strong foundation in Ballet, Pointe, Pas de Deux, Modern, Jazz and Character and is geared to motivate & challenge each dancer on their own level.


An essential part of every dancer’s training is stage experience. A performance will be given by all dancers on the last day at the UGA Dance Studios Theatre. The performance is free and open to family and friends. 


Festival Dance Camp offers a one or two-week intensive dance program for the serious-minded dancer.  Enrollment is limited; students are encouraged to register early. 


Performance Noon on July 20th, 2019

Located on the beautiful campus at The University of Georgia.

Located on the beautiful campus at The University of Georgia.